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Our team makes the on-boarding process as frictionless as possible to enable the messaging automation that scales across all your target locations. We understand that your campaign is already overwhelmed juggling other critical activities, so we’ve made it possible to deploy our platform without disrupting your existing marketing, or creating a new competitor for your precious time.

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Frictionless Setup and Support

near me politics pro local content creation

Localized Content Made Simple.

Our team does the heavy lifting within the guidelines and examples your campaign has already set.

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Localized Content Made Simple.

You fill out a few simple questionnaires and spend less than an hour setting up access – we do all the rest.

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Localized Content Made Simple.

We report on results proactively in easy to understand reports, delivered on your schedule.


We employ a methodical onboarding process for your campaign team to align with us on gathering the required assets, information and access to technical systems we need in order to get you fully setup on the platform


Our team will spend approximately 4 days for the initial setup. This may require a few hours of your team’s time with the heavy lifting on us. The process is meant to be as frictionless as possible.

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