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near me politics our method and the tech

The Near Me Platform for Politics and Advocacy was created to solve a hard problem:

How do we truly & fully represent everything your organization or campaign stands for and offers locally, in as close to real-time as possible?

And how can we create greater opportunities to build bridges across communities, enable greater dialogue, civic participation and help raise funds to do social good?

Architected from the ground up


Solely and exclusively to enable even the largest campaigns or organizations to efficiently and effectively manage their local messaging – across any relevant channel, at scale.  That means effortlessly moving from a state district to nationwide coverage, like we provide for our commercial clients.

Battle Tested Commercially by Fortune 500 Companies


Consisting of top brands and major retailers, the Near Me Platform for Politics and Advocacy is built on proven results.

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near me politics our method and the tech

Battle Tested Tech

Our one of a kind, localized technology has millions of offerings platformed daily.


thousand business locations operationalized


million site visitors a month to our local microsites


million dollars in measured revenue generated

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